Student Resource Packets for Virtual Learning

Tue, 09/08/2020 - 2:33pm

In addition to receiving an HCPSS issued Chromebook laptop, students also received paper resources unique to their grade level and a bag of art supplies that will be needed for their participation in their art class with Mrs. Odom.  If you misplaced your paper resources, you can access them below.  If you do not have access to a printer, please reach out to the front office at Jeffers Hill and we will print for you to pick up at the school.  If you have not picked up the resources yet, please email Colleen Golden to set up a time to come to Jeffers Hill to pick up your student's materials.


PDF iconK Math Student Packet.pdf

PDF iconKindergarten - Being A Reader .pdf

PDF iconKindergarten Handwriting Notebook.pdf

PDF iconKindergarten Poetry Packet 2020.pdf

1st Grade

PDF iconG1 Math Student Packet.pdf

PDF iconGrade 1 - Being A Reader .pdf

PDF iconGrade 1 Handwriting Notebook.pdf

PDF iconGrade 1 Poetry.pdf

2nd-5th Grade Math Packets (these students do not have ELA resources)

PDF iconG2 Math Student Packet(1).pdf

PDF iconG3 Math Student Packet.pdf

PDF iconG4 Math Student Packet.pdf

PDF iconG5 Math Student Packet-1.pdf